Virtual Seed Swap

How the Seed Swap Works

  • If you have seeds to swap, complete the form below and choose six free packs of seeds from our virtual seed catalogue which includes hard to find and rare species – see the listing below (get your order in early as we may have to substitute if we run out of some popular seeds).
  • After you complete the Milton Seedy Saturday Order Form, take a picture or print it off and email back to The Seed Coordinator at
  • We will phone or email you to let you know where and when to drop off your seed package and pick up your free six packs. We have initiated Little Seed Libraries around Milton for contactless drop off and pick up.
  • If you don’t have any seeds to swap, no problem, you can donate $5 to the Society for six packs of seeds. That’s less than a dollar per pack and goes a long way to helping us with expenses. You can pay the $5 by etransfer to or leave the money in the Little Seed Library when you pick up your six seed packages.
  • For out of town folks, we will pop your seeds in the mail.

What types of seeds can be swapped?

Annuals, perennials, biennials, shrubs, vegetables, and herbs. These can be from your own saved seeds or commercially grown seeds. We don’t accept seeds from invasive plants.

How your seeds should be labeled and packaged?

Please remove any chaff, flower bits and stems. Package and label clearly with:
  • Common name and/or botanical name if known
  • Type of light – shade or sun
  • Mature height and colour
  • Your name and email/phone number , and any extra information you wish to include about what makes the variety unique and tips for growing

Don’t have seeds to share? No worries!

You can still participate. Donating seeds is not required. We have a growing inventory and variety of seeds in our catalogue so there will be lots for everyone. This includes hard to find and rare species.

We have a good supply to share in our virtual seed swap and at seed library hubs. See our suggestions below for how you can DONATE to support this or pay it forward in other ways.

How to request seeds from the virtual seed swap?

Complete the Seed Swap form below and we will fill your order up to 6 seed packs. We will select your seeds and arrange a touchless drop off, using our Little Seed Libraries around Town. We will mail out of town orders. It is that simple.

Milton Seedy Saturday Seed Order Form