Little Seed Libraries

One of our newest initiatives, Little Seed Libraries are sprouting up around town!

We look forward to all members of the community using them to donate to and receive back from. The first Little Seed Library is located at 268 Heslop Rd.

These will serve as contactless drop off and pick up points for the Society leading up, to and around Seedy Saturday. Donations of seeds can be placed in them at any time. Your donations that are labelled with your name, email address and plant information, will give you access to 6 free packs of seeds in our virtual seed swap. If you have ordered seeds through our seed swap, these convenient locations will serve as the pickup points.


Who knows what you may find in one in the future?


The Library Stewards, members of our society, will have access to any extra seeds, gardening, event and membership information. The larger ones will even have plants, gardening books or supplies from time to time. We encourage everyone who accesses them to hopefully return in kind, now, in the fall when new seeds are ready, extra plants come spring or at any other time, all year long. Please label any seeds or plants you donate with as much information as possible including variety and any plant information, your name and email or phone number. Monetary donations can be made at any time, through e transfer to with a notation of Little Seed Library.


Come Spring when we can all be outside, if you happen to see one of our Stewards in their garden, take a minute to say hello. The Stewards are all passionate gardeners and Society members who can be a resource unto themselves. Don’t be surprised if we try to get you to join our Society. Just visiting one makes you a passionate gardener too!